Clean Car Campaign

Area: Zone 3

Date: 4/7/2011

Zone 5 has been promoting a clean car campaign and we want to share this initiative with the entire city. 

It is a different approach, one that is very simple, but will require everyone's efforts. Simply, by removing all viewable valuables from your vehicle, prior to leaving your vehicle, you will reduce the odds of your vehicle being, illegally, entered by nearly 95%!  Secondly, apartment complexes, our parking lot owners, managers, and attendants must inquire, with their customers, were all valuables removed? Additionally, we have to remind our co-workers, clients, residents, family, and friends to remove ALL items (we once had a vehicle's window busted as a result of fifteen cents left on the console's coin area)!

Again, this is a very simple approach, but if we remove the supply the criminal element will view the area as no longer lucrative and will take their efforts elsewhere. Our citizens can now have a greater expectation of returning to their cars, without any damages or thefts. There is no ticket or anything else to place on your vehicle - as the suspect peers into your vehicle and sees nothing inside they are likely to move on to another area.

This allows us to lower crime, minimizes insurance rates, and affords the public safety entities to address and minimize other matters for the community. Please join us in this effort and share with your family, friends and neighbors. Thank you!