Area: Zone 3

Date: 4/16/2011

As a victim of fire or disaster, now is the time to carefully select an emergency Board Up service company that's trusted by firefighters and insurance companies nationwide. 1-800-BOARDUP protects your home with a fast, professional Board Up of windows and doors. Then, 1-800-BOARDUP can help guide you through the process of recovering from fire loss or catastrophic damage to make your recovery as comfortable as possible.

What to do After the Fire:

·         Quickly Board Up Windows & Doors:

o    Protect Your Home From Further Damage:
Exposing your home to the elements increases repair costs & lengthens the time it takes to restore your family's lives back to normal. Protect your home within one hour with the most trusted emergency Board Up service in the nation.

o    Protect Yourself From Liability:
Once firefighters leave the fire scene, the "Bicycle Brigade" inevitably arrives…kids, exploring through the rubble of your home. The courts call this an "Attractive Nuisance". It happens nearly every time & means instant fire liability Issues for you & dangerous Conditions for local CHILDREN. Don't be at risk! Just call us, and we'll be there in one hour to help protect you!

It's our quick action & our commitment to the well-being of fire victims that has made 1-800-BOARDUP the trusted leader in emergency Board Up services nationwide, and in your neighborhood.

Call 1-800-BOARDUP, and we'll be there in one hour!


Fire-damaged buildings present a significant safety hazard to neighborhood children. Public safety officials concerned about these hazards can call 1-800-BOARDUP to secure the premises immediately. Fire victims often need guidance from public safety officials after a devastating loss. Helping victims is as easy as calling 1-800-BOARDUP. Firefighters concerned with a victim's well being can assist a victim in locating a resource to help them in their time of need.