Auto Thefts this week in Zone 3

Area: Zone 3

Date: 6/10/2011

Auto Thefts this week in Zone 3

The police urge you to report any suspicious activity immediately to 911.
As of today, Zone 3 has 5 auto thefts on 311's beat (Astor Ave., Canon St., Langston, 1700 block of Sylvan and Victory Dr.). 2 of these were reported to have been taken overnight.
3 out of 5-damaged/attempts only.  On one of the stolen ones, the victim's uncle is a suspect and the other car was seen being towed off by a black tow truck.

4 auto thefts on beat 303 (Humphries St., 1900 block of Metropolitan, 1100 block of Pryor and Woodrow). 2 of these were reportedly taken from overnight.
One was an A-National (1990 Metropolitan) leased vehicle and the company tracked w/gps to a vacant lot next to 810 Metropolitan. One was a disabled tractor trailer.

Captain B. G. Cavender
Acting Zone 3 Commander
(in Major Mitchell's Absence)
Office:  404-624-0674
Cell:     404-245-8038
EFax:   404-546-8412