This week in crime (Zone 3)

Area: Zone 3

Date: 7/25/2011

Auto Thefts:

Zone 3 showed a cluster of auto thefts around Turner Field, Grant Park, and Sylvan & Dill area. There were several vehicle break-ins in the Pollard Blvd. area as well.

Please activate your vehicle alarms or other anti-theft device, try to park where you can have a visual on your vehicle in a well-lit location, look out for suspicious persons and report anyone loitering in parking lots.  Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. We need parents and the community to assist with enforcing the curfew.



Zone 3 showed a cluster of burglaries in the vicinity of Rockwell St./Fletcher St./Mary St., and Sylvan Rd. You should inventory all your electronics and keep a list of all serial numbers and receipts in case of theft. Police have a better chance of recovering your merchandise if we can obtain your detailed information as soon as possible. 

Please activate your house alarms, install cameras and post alarm signs, install proper lighting, install a pressure switch to A/C units, keep curtains closed while you are away as not to advertise, participate in your neighborhood watch groups, and always report suspicious activity.  Utilize Crime Stoppers and you may receive an award (404-577-TIPS).


You can view your crime anytime on the city website:




Major Barbara G. Cavender

Zone 3 Commander

880 Cherokee Ave.

Atlanta, GA 30315-1440

Office:  404-624-0674

Cell:      404-245-8038

EFax:    404-546-8412