Join the Atlanta Police Department in our next Citizens' Academy class

Area: City Wide

Date: 7/27/2011

The Atlanta Police Department is proud to present a program that provides insight to the public on the responsibilities and operations of our Department. We have designed the Citizens Police Academy to accomplish several goals. The most important goal is to open channels of communication between the citizens of Atlanta and their Police Department. Additionally, we want to develop an understanding of the police role in the community. The objective of the Academy is not to make police officers out of the graduates, but to make them better informed citizens, with an accurate knowledge of our many responsibilities and functions.

The Citizens Police Academy is an seven week program with classes held once a week in a three hour block. The instructors are members of the Atlanta Police Department and will provide instruction and information concerning a particular area of their profession. All classes will be held at the Herbert T. Jenkins Atlanta Police Academy, 180 Southside Industrial Parkway.

Some of the courses offered will be an overview of the Police Department, a tour of the 911 Center, bomb tech and K-9 demonstrations, crime scene investigation, self-defense seminars, and more.

Requirements for participants includes but is not limited to:

· Be a resident of the City of Atlanta

· Minimum age of 21 years old

· No felony Convictions

· No misdemeanor convictions within one year of application

· Reliable Weekly transportation

If you are interested in applying or have more questions, please contact Sgt. Chad Hannula, 404.546.7511 or Lt. Adam Lee III, 404.209.5250