Back to school safety tips for parents and children

Area: Zone 1

Date: 8/2/2011

Back To School Safety Tips for Parents and Children


Ø  Arrive at bus stop at least 5 minutes early daily.

Ø  Wear bright-colored clothing so that you can be easily seen by passing cars on the roadway.

Ø  Do Not enter the roadway between parked cars, bushes or shrubs.

Ø  Have an adult or older sibling walk with you to the bus stop daily or walk to the bus stop in groups.

Ø  Get to know students who ride at your stop, also the number of children who enter and exit the bus.

Ø  Be aware of your surroundings at all times ie; parked cars with passengers, people lurking/wondering in the area/out of place.

Ø  Help your child to memorize his/her name, birth date, address and telephone number.

Ø  Be aware that bullying often takes place on the school bus. Ask children about their experience on the bus.

Ø  Tell an adult if you see someone being bullied or you are being bullied.

Ø  Write down other important phone numbers such as your work and cell phone on a card for your children to carry with them.

Ø  Do Not Talk to Strangers. EVER ! ! !

Ø  Do not place your child’s name on the outside of their clothes or book bag. (Bad guys now know their names)

Ø  If an unknown adult approaches you to ask for help (YELL and RUN) then go for help at designated safe places that were chosen.

Ø  Teach your child how to dial 911 for help and how to remain calm and on the line until help is available.

Ø  Make sure your children do not answer the door for anyone. (Unless they see a patrol car outside and officer in uniform)

Ø  Have your parent establish two safe places for you to go if you need help. ie; a neighbor’s home or store in the neighborhood.

Ø  If your child arrives home prior to the parent, make sure emergency contact numbers are on the refrigerator.(Parents, Relatives or Neighbors)

Ø  Make sure food is already prepared for the children so that the stove does not have to be utilized.

Ø  Older children are advised to keep valuables such as laptops and cell phones out of sight and secure in their backpack or locker.

Ø  Keep a record of the serial numbers of all valuable items.



Major T. Quiller

Atlanta Police Department

Zone One Commander