Lookouts-Sylvan Hills Area (Zone 3)

Area: Zone 3

Date: 8/26/2011

For the week, burglaries are down 23% in Zone 3. For the year, burglaries are down in Zone 3 by 11%.
We arrested 23 burglars in Zone 3 within last 28 days. We have made 89 arrests this year (91 arrests in 2010 year-to-date).

We have made an arrest from the burglary at 1104 Victory from 2 weeks ago.

We made an arrest from 379 Hillside that occurred on 8/16.


We are looking for suspicious vehicles:

-white Cargo Van: seen at a burglary on Deckner on 8/20, two black males (one in his 20's)
-maroon + gray older model Dodge truck: with two black males seen at a burglary on Desoto on 8/18

-gray Econoline Van:  tag: K93556 seen in area of burglary on Victory on 8/24

Auto Thefts:
The City just started a metro wide task force this week and added new personnel to this unit to combat thefts.
This year Zone 3 has made 44 arrests year-to-date, compared to 22 in 2010 year-to-date.

Please go to the Fulton County D.A. website to join Court Watch.