The Atlanta Police Department (APD) offers college students the opportunity to participate in its internship program.  The participants of the APD internship program are not paid, however, by working within the largest full time police department in the Southeast, the student will receive valuable work experience in the field of law enforcement.
The APD employs more than 2,400 civilian and sworn employees.  Our civilian employees provide APD with critical job support in areas such as: budgeting, accounting, data analysis, human resources, research and data analysis, public relations, marketing, crime scene processing, and property and evidence management. 
This program provides a unique opportunity to those who are currently enrolled as degree seeking students.  Students will be considered for internships and placed according to their academic field of study.


Students must be able to write clearly and concisely; they must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, good time-management skills, and the ability to work under pressure. Interns should be computer literate and able to perform research on the Internet. Competency in using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is also required. Intern must pass a background check and have no prior felony arrests.
The APD seeks Interns who possess the following values: Integrity, Professionalism, and Dedication.

Major Duties:     
Our goal is to provide students with valuable work experience in a law enforcement environment. Our objective is to encourage students to consider a career in Law Enforcement. We are giving the student a chance to assist the department in achieving its mission: “To reduce crime and promote the quality of life, in partnership with our community.”                           
Placement Opportunities:

• Zone Criminal Investigations Divisions
• Crime Analysis
• Planning and Research
• Human Resources
• Crime Lab
• Administrative Support Assignments
• Fiscal (Financial Unit) 
• Academy
• Photo Lab and other considerations


Being respectful to others, reporting on time to work assignments, and actively engaging in the activity assigned.  Interns can expect to have an opportunity to have a positive work experience as they learn more about their specific field of concentration, to be treated fairly and with respect in a safe work environment, and to complete their assignment duties in a timely and accurate manner.  The intern would also be expected to implement, develop, or lead a particular project or activity while working at the APD.

To Apply:

Please provide an updated resume no later than three months prior to your starting date.  After that is received, we will send an email along with the listed documents you will need to complete and have them returned within one week:
• Ride along waiver
• Consent for a background  check
• Copy of Driver’s License or Identification
• Letter on your  school’s letterhead stating criteria necessary to complete the internship

If you have any further questions regarding Internship Opportunities, please contact:

Support Services Division